Sunday, December 17, 2017

Baking day............

I started out the morning yesterday with two batches of Chex mix.  I had done one batch the night before too.

Then it was a double batch of shortbread cookies.

Next was the chocolate Spritz cookies.  I made the plain ones the night before.

Here are the rejects, misshapen or broken cookies....I get to eat these.

Yesterday morning I noticed I have a red Christmas cactus blooming.  I thought this was a pink one but I hadn't marked it like I usually do.  It is a rosier red, not bright true red.

While I waited for butter to soften I brought up the colorwash that I designed earlier this week.

I have started sewing it together.  I got two more rows sewn on after I took this photo.

We are supposed to have weather in the 40s from now until Friday when the temperature will drop and maybe snow.  In fact they said we might hit 50 in mid week.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Little bit of Christmas........

I don't do much decorating for Christmas since the party isn't at my house.  This is the table the new runner goes on.

I have 2 plants blooming on the windowsill now.

That little one on the left has 4 more buds!

This is the mother plant for that little one.  Even though I broke that piece off in early spring last year it has the same blooming time as it's mother plant.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Table runner finished.............

I decided this Christmas table runner isn't going to finish itself so I dug into the Christmas fabric bin and found a backing and binding.

Here is a close up of some of the fabrics, all from about 20 years ago.

The backing fabric is an ugly, not a nice green and rather muddy looking print.  It is perfect for this project though.  The binding is probably a newer fabric but still maybe 10 years old.

A lot of the fabrics have gold metallic on them so I ditch quilted both ways with gold metallic thread.  I have it on a side table in my dining room but the lighting at night is poor in there so no photo of its destination.

The cardiac nurse said the reading from my pacemaker was good.  It is amazing that they can say on a certain day at a certain time that I had a few different heartbeats.  That tiny little computer is really processing a lot of information.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Top sewn!..............

The half hexagon top is sewn together and top and bottom trimmed straight.  It is 58" x 79".  The bottom right corner is kind of dark and I considered taking out a couple pieces and replace them but then I decided not to since this will just be in my share pile of quilts and a non quilter will probably get it.  I wanted to make one to see how many pieces it would take to make a decent size couch quilt.  There are 208 pieces half dark and half light, 104 of each.  Now if I decide to make another one with a different collection of fabrics I know how many to cut.  I shared the inspiration quilt and the die used to cut the pieces here.
I designed another colorwash yesterday.  It has a limited number of orange and brown pieces in it this time.  I could add 6 more rows across the bottom and then it would have more green, brown and orange.

I decided to rotate the photo to see if I liked it better.

Then I rotated it the other way.  I'll have to think about this one for a few days.

Today is my first visit with my pacemaker surgeon so I hope I get some questions answered.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Half hexagon progress...................

I would have had to move my sewing cabinet to get straight in front of the design wall so this looks a little tipsy from an angle.  The left section is sewn together and pressed.  The other 2 sections haven't been pressed yet so one more night of TV watching and I should have this sewn together.

I was putting away the batik orphan blocks when I noticed there were quite a few 8" blocks in there.  It is a combination of double 4 patch and 16 patch.  I haven't decided if I'll sew them together for a small lap quilt or just put them back in the box with the rest of the orphans.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A little sewing............

I finished sewing the 2 sections I showed laid out on my post yesterday and added them to the 2 halves and then sewed it all together.  It came out close to the 36" in length that I wanted.  Now I have to get out the Christmas fabric box and find a backing and binding.  I sewed a little more on the half hexagon top too but forgot to take a photo.
I decided to set my pale pink and my very pale pink cactus plants next to each other.  They have more blooms this year than they have had for several years.  They must have had just the right amount of darkness when they needed it for setting buds.  I also have a medium pink one that is loaded with buds but not blooming yet.
Here is the bloom on the little windowsill cactus in water.  I must get it planted.  It doesn't grow much in water and should do better in soil.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Sewing for me for Christmas...............

I gave my last two Christmas table toppers to two grandchildren who are spending their first Christmas in their own houses.  I knew I had a box of 2" squares cut from all of my Christmas fabrics about 20 years ago.  In fact one of the table toppers was made of them.
I'm just doing a random layout of them, no special order.  I don't have as many lights so I couldn't do a red, green, light alternating pattern.

I'm building two halves of the table runner with an almost identical layout.  I have to have an even number of rows in each half to have my seams going in opposite directions when I join them.

I have laid out two more sets of 4 rows to add on today.  I think that will give me a runner 36" long and about 14" wide.